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Teacher's reviews

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Ross is an incredibly supportive employer. I felt valued and supported during my three-year journey working for Nihcolas Ross Academy.

As a teacher, I found the teaching approach to be structured and clear, the resources plentiful, organised and the working environment ideal for teaching successful lessons.

Following a well thought out curriculum, new teachers have a clear understanding of the teaching approach. At the same time, Ross welcomes other people's ideas and creative input, so if you have something extra to offer, he will be willing to listen and incorporate your concepts. Personally, I found that this gave me the perfect balance between structure and creative flexibility.

A fantastic company to work for.



Hello! My name is Maria José and I worked at Nicholas Ross Academy for 2 years.

It was my first time teaching at such a young age and the experience couldn't have been better. The students are really enthusiastic and eager to learn. I felt very well supported from the beginning and communication with the team was frequent. The methodology used is innovative and engaging: the teachers really go out of their way to make students learn in a creative way.

As a professional, I felt that I was always improving my teaching practice and there were also opportunities for promotion available.

The atmosphere at the school is really positive: the teachers are proud of the academy and the parents are also very supportive. 

In short, The Nicholas Ross Academy is the ideal environment to learn English and also to develop your teaching career.


ANDREW males

I worked for the Nicholas Ross Academy for two years and wish I could continue working with Ross while moving to another region of Spain.

The academy is very well organised and has excellent communication practices. I was never surprised by a last minute change of schedule or content.

A full syllabus is also provided to set you up for success in every class. In addition, with the opportunity to attend Cambridge conferences, have your classes supervised and monitored by other classes, you will learn and grow as a teacher.

I would recommend this job to any friend.

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