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The Nicholas Ross Academy offer comprehensive English courses tailored to the needs of our students. We tackle a wide variety of Cambridge courses (From A2, B1, B2 to C1)


We offer a wide variety of online courses.

We have adapted to current circumstances, and that is why we transfer English to our student's homes.

We have a team of experts teachers in online classes.

Both for educationals centers and for private classes.

writing corrections

We correct all types of writings from all levels.

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english at your school

We are known by moving to educational centers to teach English. We collaborate jointly with the educational center and its AMPA.

If you are interested in taking English to your educational center, do not hesitate in contact us!


Inglés A2 

This coursed is based on learning a simple vocabulary, and answering simple questions , referring to family, tastes...

If you still do not know your level, contact us!

Inglés B1

In this course students are prepared for the Cambridge exam divided into for parts: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This qualification is necessary to obtain a university degree and essential to work in many companies.

Inglés B2

This course is essential to obtain points in some competitive examinations and to work in companies that have direct contact with English speakers. With the course it is expected that the student can communicate with English speakers fluently and understand formal test.

Inglés C1

This is one of the most advanced courses.

With this level the student must be able to speak in a totally fluent way.

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Estudiantes en clase